Saving Money for the Next Trip

Saving for your next international trip is one that requires time and patience! To save up, one must understand that they must allocate a certain amount of their income to saving for vacation. As I am currently saving up for my next study abroad experience in Rome, I have been placing 50% or more of … Continue reading Saving Money for the Next Trip


Remembering Your Trip

  One of the most important aspects to commemorate a trip is to gather the many photos, ticket stubs, etc and form a scrap book or photo book from an online website. To remember the many memories from your trip, I would highly recommend that you gather everything from your trip and to put it … Continue reading Remembering Your Trip

Must Have VietNamese Souvenirs

When traveling abroad, it's essential to purchase souvenirs unique to that particular country. VietNam is very well known for their handmade silks products and custom tailoring. These vendors may be found in the Silks district and in local villages where the raw materials are produced. Silk products that are very popular for purchase are: Scarves … Continue reading Must Have VietNamese Souvenirs