Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye to such a beautiful country is one that will always be difficult to myself, and many other travelers when in Vietnam.


After spending nearly two weeks in Hanoi, I fell in love with the culture and people more and more everyday. Being able to connect to a country that has so much history and vibrant energy was an experience like no other, and one that I am looking forward for others to share as well. Hanoi is such a unique city, and has many cultural differences compared to the United States.

One of my favorite aspects of Hanoi is the sense of family and togetherness that is expressed through the citizens. Family values and relationships are very important to the citizens of Hanoi, and is shown through their actions and acts of compassion towards one another. Unlike the United States of America, there are never phones at the table for dinner and all meals are communal so entrees and appetizers are passed around the table for all to enjoy.


While saying goodby can be hard, it’s always good to leave wanting to come back to do more!

Ways to cope and handle leaving a foreign country may be found at:


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