Hello travel enthusiasts!

Welcome to my personal blog where I will share with you my favorite restaurants, cultural sights, and so much more in Hanoi, VietNam for your future travel destination!

A little bit about myself and my passion for sharing the wonders of VietNam:

– Adopted from Bac Giang, VietNam at seven months old

– Returned for the first time in 2013 to meet my biological family

– Most recent visit: Summer of 2016

– Favorite VietNamese dish: Phở Bo, a delicious beef noodle broth soup with rice noodles and plenty of healthy veggies

– Favorite aspects of VietNam: The communal family lifestyle lived by the locals, healthiness of all cuisines, shopping, and the views at Ha Long Bay

Stay tuned for upcoming posts and breathtaking photos from my various trips which will motivate you to start planning your next international vacation in Hanoi, VietNam!